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Reckless Rose - Re-Run
Gepubliceerd op: 18-12-2007 Aantal woorden: 316
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Reckless Rose

But I beg not to be lied to,
not during this painful questinonaire.
Though especially, not tomorrow.
For tomorrow, refers to past tense;
..why presently, my finger skims the wound

All things 'r matching
experience here, is no product of mistakes.
Swift changes make me feel,
you need an attitude adjustment
No more may I touch,
but an empty touch of our lips;
unworthy being labeled kiss.

& of what use is the pride in a mirror's reflect
when your other half,
so you will; other pride,
chooses to walk another path?

Ought she not look for reasons?
Or might she, by any chance, already have
seen the prospects
wherein we relapse into old, bad habits?
If so....then please,
bestow upon me a peace of mind,
as for all I see is
the allure, perhaps, of pulchritude.
And this becomes necessity in irrational minds
so like yourself.
Herein lies interaction,
from where I often go astray,
which makes me
as irrational as the one I love.

Diligently is my ardour,
and when in demand,
passion is treated kindly.
But seldomly shown proper respect.
Always the love and dedication, unequally spread.

Do you see morality take position?
For it swaps castes
between the emperor and the slave.
Here only the virtuous 'one'
sees no difference but wealth and status.
But here is,
where might rules over the weak.
But is this not always temporarily?
..tyrants never cease searching,
to exceptions among the faint-hearted.
And your strenght only knows how to disavow hurt.
Whereas my weakness knows itself.
I sincerely hope
this tremor, will not tear your path apart.

So why preserve pride you say?
No, not preserve.
But let it guide along the way.
For it'll look shabby at this point,
but mighty from where I 'stand'.

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