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C.I.M.A Punk - War of the Fools
Gepubliceerd op: 09-06-2007 Aantal woorden: 132
Laatste wijziging: 16-06-2007 Aantal views: 1448
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War of the Fools

C.I.M.A Punk

Weapons of mass destruction
blowing people up one by one.
Not stopping until the damage is done
and this is just the introduction
to a divine struggle of powers.

The world will face its final hours.
The Four Horsemen will come
to make civilization go numb.

Soldiers killing their enemies
so they can take the keys
to more chaos and mayhem.

More victims will be slaughtered like helpless lambs.
Bullets piercing flesh.
The dead men are always fresh,
scattered through out the battlefield.

Souls change and break behind your own shield.
Why must this massacre continue?
Don't we have anything else to do,
except fighting for twisted reasons?

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