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FreeToLiveMyLiveMyWay - If I
Gepubliceerd op: 09-03-2003 Aantal woorden: 126
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If I


clouds walking in the sky,
let me know what i am.
stars above my head
let me feel who i am

quase anger
has crossed my path
lead me trough the night
when darkness falls

all i can give them
is my love
all they want
is my life

run back to my home
i can get there,...
i can get there...
pain is raised in my heart.

the lonley words of an elf
alone on this world
and no one is their
to know who i am

princaply i need
to be alone
to be myself
and die for them

but sometimes i think:
what if... i choose to live?
would their be a way
to help them anyway?

@ 24-12-2004 19:02:30
errug mooi

Cecile @ 20-11-2003 22:01:44
Nice, very nice.. you're free to live your life your way, because you're good in it!

Matthew @ 24-10-2003 23:37:51
een byzonder gedicht!

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