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gonfreaks - My life in space I
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My life in space I


While I was reading my email I suddenly received a reminder from Concorde that the insurance of my battle cruiser is going to end this week. These were hard times already and now I have to spend another 8 mil Isk on the insurance. I logged into the Customer Service Centre of Concorde and pressed the insurance renewal button. Three seconds later I received an error message on the screen.

"We're sorry to inform u that we couldn't renew your insurance. It seems that you don't have enough Isk. Come back when u have enough money and have a nice day!"

What the hell? Not enough Isk? I just shot down a pirate last week and got 60mil for it at the Bounty Agency. Suddenly something came across my mind. I slowly turned my head and looked at the hanger where my ship was stationed. In the corner of the hanger I saw some unopened boxes and I knew the reason of my empty wallet.

Oh well... nothing to worry about. I still have a week. I just have to do some Agent Missions and I should have enough money for the insurance. I walked to the boxes and started to unpack them and mounted them on my ship. I looked satisfied when all was done. The firepower has been increased again and it's time to test it out. I started the engine and filled in the coordination of my Mission Agent.

Five minutes later I walked into the office of my agent. The secretary of my agent started to greet me when she saw me walking in. "Hi there Saviour (my codename at the Concorde agencies). What brings you here today". I looked at her and smiled."Hello there Gillian. You know that I can't sleep without seeing your beautiful face before I go to bed". After explaining to her that I was stupid enough to spend all my money on new equipments she led me to the office of the agent.

Upon entering the office I saw Randell's sad face. I started to ask him what was wrong. He explained to me that the daughter of the prime minister has been kidnapped by some Sanche Spies. He's given the mission to 2 cruiser pilots but they haven't reported back to Randell for 2 days already. Usually pilots reports back each day with their progress. He looked at me and said: "Saviour... I know you for years now and I know the reward is lower than the ones of your usual assignments, but can you do me a favor and head out to save the daughter of the Prime Minister? It's been 2 days already. If I don't save her fast, then my job, fame and life will be ruined." Ever since I was flying a battle cruiser, I stopped accepting low reward missions.I had different reasons for it. But mainly it was because those missions were to easy for my ship and a waste of my time. Better to do 1 thrilling and difficult mission with a high reward than a lot of easy missions with low rewards. But after hearing Randell's problem, I was starting to get interested. A simple mission as this and 2 cruiser pilots that can't handle it. There must be a big pirate backing up those sancha pilots and having Randell owe me a favor sounds great too. Not that I don't think of him as a friend or something, but business is business. A pilot has to make a living too and having an agent owe the pilot a favor is a dream of every pilot. With this in mind I answered: "Dear Randell. How many years do we know each other already? 5.. 6 years? I know how important this mission is to you and for an agent to use the word "favor" is very rare. There is no need to use such words between us. Upload the last known coordinates and mission information to my account and I will deliver you the girl tomorrow morning." I saw him cheer up and I know that I have him where I want. The only thing that has to be done is to get the girl and deliver it to Randell.

Back on the ship I looked at the mission briefing and started to make some adjustments to the ship. Usually pilots will fit their ship according to the enemy they have to face, but I liked to think further ahead. Those sancha spies were only cruiser types and could never have killed our experienced cruiser pilots. So I fitted my ship to prepare for some heavy damage taking.

I arrived at the coordinates shortly after fitting my ship. It was quiet and I couldn't find any ships on my radar. I turned on the analyzer which analyzes ships signatures. The chances were low that I would find anything that was there two days ago. Suddenly a bleep occurred on my radar... It was a sancha shuttle flying to a belt. I waited for a few minutes before I started to follow that shuttle. His speed is 5 times faster than mine, but with the amount of trace he's leaving behind, it was not difficult to track him. When I was closer to the belt, I tried to scan for ships. My scanner showed me 2 Concorde class cruiser wrecks, 4 sancha cruisers, a shuttle and warehouse. I was afraid that they wanted to transport the girl into the shuttle, so once I warped in range the first thing I did was shooting at the shuttle and taking hits from those four cruisers. With the shuttle gone I went closer to the warehouse and transported the smallest person from that warehouse into my cockpit. It wasn't difficult to guess it was her though, since she was lying in a corner while those others were talking near a table. Those 4 remaining cruisers were still shooting at me and my shield was gone. I shot back and 3 of them perished. While i was shooting down the last cruiser two ships warped in within 30km range. One Battleship and a frigate.At that moment I knew that was right when I was talking with Randell, but I was also angry at myself not having noticed that they entered the Solar system. In no time the frigate was orbiting next to me at 2km and I saw an anti warp field around my ship. I started to web the frig and used my afterburner to get a longer range for my guns. I released my drones, smart-bomb and guns on that frigate. In the meantime the battleship was having his fun at shooting at my ship. I was already down to 10% armor when I finally blew up that frigate.

By the time I was warping away to a safe spot my ship was burning already. After arriving at the safe spot I warped back to another gate to warp back to the Agency. It was a detour, but better than being ambushed at the normal course. While I was heading back to Randell and repairing my armor, I asked the computer to search for information about the two ships. It turned out that the battleship pilot has a bounty of 56 mil Isk on his head and the frigate pilot has a clean record. The frigate pilot was probably new with this kind of job, otherwise I might have been dead already. But the 56 mil Isk bounty was very attractive and I wanted my revenge for being shot. I made up my mind that as soon the girls has been delivered to Randell I would gather up some members of my old Mercenary Corp and head back for the bounty.

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